River Ridge Land and Cattle Company is comprised of 1,500 acres nestled along the New River in the mountains of Grayson County Virginia. Most of the property is under a perpetual conservation easement and has been a model for restorative farming for the past 35 years. Among other things, River Ridge is a grass finishing operation for Grayson Natural Farms. All cattle raised on River Ridge are raised without growth enhancing hormones and antibiotics.


We produce some of the finest-quality, grass-fed beef around. Our farm philosophy is to care for the land, be sustainable and profitable for all the right reasons. We are proudly part of the Grayson Natural Farms group.


The farm expanded its scope in 2015 when we converted a 10-acre river bottom hay field into commercial berry production. This diverse orchard includes raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, elderberries, and kiwiberries - all grown using biological farming methods that sustain the soil and benefit farm ecology.